Autobóz 2020

July 11-18, Frankenstein (Pfalz), Germany

Autobóz is a yearly week-long invitational research camp on Logic, Automata, and Games. We strive to find each year a remote location to allow a group of about 25 young researchers to work in a distraction-free environment.

Started as a workshop for PhD students in Warsaw, Autobóz has grown to include researchers from all over the world, and multiple publications are direct consequences of the interactions fostered during these meetings.

This year's Autobóz will take place in Germany.

Important Info

  • Dates: Arrival on July 11th; departure on July 18th
  • Fees: €763, including accommodation, meals, and snacks. For attendants who cannot afford participation, there is limited support to cover travel and/or fees.
  • Contact: — or contact directly one of the organizers
  • Organizers:


Autobóz will take place in Villa Denis, a historical villa in Frankenstein (Pfalz) in Germany. Photo by Caroline Lassueur (TU Kaiserslautern)

Participants stay either in the guest house (see below) or in a hotel in walking distance. Accommodation is in single or double (single-gender) rooms. Photo by Bau Eins Architekten BDA (Photographer: Michael Heinrich)

All meals (including breakfast) will be eaten together in the dining hall. Photo by Bau Eins Architekten BDA (Photographer: Michael Heinrich)

The villa offers plenty of room for discussions and collaboration. Ritter Saal

Getting there

The Villa Denis is 5min walk from the Frankenstein (Pfalz) train station. The closest airport is Frankfurt (Main) Airport, ca. 2h away from Frankenstein (Pfalz). From Saarbrücken (where LICS/ICALP is taking place), it takes ca. 1h by train to Frankenstein (Pfalz).

Open Problems

The bread and butter of the attendees is formed by open problems in automata, logic, games, and related topics. We gather past problems on this website:

      Autobóz Open Problems

Feel free to use them, comment on them, and refer to them: the numbering system should be durable.

Anti-Harassment policy

We follow the guidance of ACM in our policy against harassment and unacceptable behaviour. If you experience any such behaviour, please report it to the organisers.

Past Autóbozs