The Autobóz Workshop

Autobóz is a yearly week-long invitational research camp on Logic, Automata, and Games. We strive to find each year a remote location to allow a group of about 25 young researchers to work in a distraction-free environment.

Started as a workshop for PhD students in Warsaw, Autobóz has grown to include researchers from all over the world, and multiple publications are direct consequences of the interactions fostered during these meetings.

Open Problems

The bread and butter of the attendees is formed by open problems in automata, logic, games, and related topics. We gather past problems on this website:

      Autobóz Open Problems

Feel free to use them, comment on them, and refer to them: the numbering system should be durable.

Past Events

  • Autóboz 2020 online
  • Autóboz 2019 in Firbush, Scotland
  • Autóboz 2018 in Pyrénées moutains, France
  • Autóboz 2017 in Koninki, Poland
  • Autóboz 2016 in Koninki, Poland
  • Autóboz 2015 in Koninki, Poland
  • Autóboz 2014 in Koninki, Poland
  • Autóboz 2013 in Ponice, Poland
  • Autóboz 2010 in Święta Katarzyna, Poland
  • Autóboz 2009 in Kluszkowce, Poland